Constitutional Law, Sixth Edition (9780735577190): Geoffrey R. Stone, Louis M. Seidman, Cass R. Sunstein, Pamela S. Karlan, Mark V. Tushnet

A modern constitutional law in the traditional structure of the theory, the Constitution, Sixth
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functional view:

A series of important and social point of view
A multi-disciplinary approach, including political theory, philosophy, sociology, ethics, history, and economic
Gently edit, tighter integration to encourage close textual analysis, while providing a number of important opinions and pivotal case
Bright text and explanatory materials, summed up the law of the country, its development
Logical two-part organization:
The balance of power between the Supreme Court and local, state and federal government
The individual’s rights and powers
Comprehensive coverage, is the ideal of the two-semester course
Each year in the annual supplement supplement the First Amendment to the Constitution of the material is separated to facilitate research
Excellent coverage, updated and revised to incorporate the law of the First Amendment:
Cases and Materials in campaign finance regulation
Sexual expression, child pornography and commercials
With streamline Note material, sixth edition provides a new, revised and updated coverage, including:

Constitution and the war on terror
Court’s use of foreign legal materials
Abortion legal and political
Vote dilution, political gerrymandering, and requirements
Treaty tied to the judgment of the Court in Medellin v. Texas, and the powers of the federal government
Reconstruction Amendments v. Hibbs Nevada and Tennessee v. Lane
Substantial revision of school desegregation materials, with the parents to participate in Community Schools v.. Seattle School District No. 1
The sexual orientation of the material in the revised
Climate change and the status of
Constitution, Sixth Edition provides extensive notes, text and materials, which will deepen the student’s understanding of the Constitution is far beyond a simple analysis of the doctrine.

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