Communication Mosaics: An Introduction to the Field of Communication: Julia T. Wood: 9780495794158

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Publication Date: January 1, 2010 ISBN-10: 0,495,794,155 ISBN-13 :978-0,495,794,158 Edition: 6
Communications Mosaic: TO communications, sixth edition introduction to the field, combined with the author’s signature first-person narrative style and popular student commented thoroughly to keep up with the era of research, theory, and technology information, in order to provide an overview of both sides of the field and a practical guide, you can immediately use to improve your personal, professional and public communication skills. The displayed text began to introduce the basic processes and skills of the center of all communication context, then move to how to apply these aspects of communication, in certain circumstances, such as interpersonal communication and public speaking, you develop your communication skills, the importance of and a tool in your hands, you need to become a more effective communication. Jump to the dynamic world of communication and communication MOSAICS: introduce the field of communication in the twenty-first century, the sixth ed