Cognitive Psychology and its Implications: John R. Anderson: 9781429219488

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Publication Date: October 1, 2009 ISBN-10: 1429219483 ISBN-13 :978-1429219488 | Version: seventh edition
Anderson provided the theoretical basis of the higher mental processes in the system and the auxiliary demo, made ​​specific for each of the important thinking of specific examples and experiments. Focus on knowledge, said the central issue of the cognitive research, the book emphasizes the field of information processing methods, but provides a comprehensive coverage of cognitive neuroscience, and (a lot of updates in this version).

Reflect the evolution of the current study, the seventh edition of the new look of the great contributions of the understanding of cognitive neuroscience cognitive function. The new cover, insert a new color, a new method of teaching, and other content and format innovations, the new version of this clear majority of students friendly.

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