Child Development (6th Edition) (9780205253548): Robert S. Feldman Ph.D.

Book Description
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ion Date: December 29, 2011 | ISBN-10: 0205253547 | ISBN-13: 978-0205253548 | Edition: 6
Most balanced presentation of research and applications

Feldman’s Child Development, 6e offers students a balanced and up-to-date study of theory and research with a focus on application to students’ personal lives and future careers.

Child Development 6e introduces students to the theories, research, and applications of child and adolescent development. Organized chronologically, the book features a variety of student-focused tools that make the study of development interesting and engaging. It highlights the interrelationships between theory, research, and application, accentuating the scope and diversity of the field. It also illustrates how child developmentalists use theory, research, and applications to help solve significant social problems. An emphasis on practical, take-home information provides students with lessons they can use both now and in the future.

Teaching & Learning Experience
Personalize Learning – The new MyDevelopmentLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals.
Apply Developmental Science and Engage Students – A strong balance of research and applications maintains student interest throughout every section in the text.
Improve Critical Thinking – Reflective questions included within MyVirtualChild encouraging students to think critically and apply chapter content to real life situations as they raise their own virtual child.
Explore Research – “From Research to Practice” and “Are You an Informed Consumer of Development?” show students how they can apply the concepts they’re learning in the text to real life situations.
Understand Culture and Diversity – “Developmental Diversity” sections highlight issues relevant in today’s multicultural society.
Support Instructors – Class Prep, MyVirtualChild, Video embedded PowerPoints,