Capitalism And Commerce / Edition 384: Edward Wayne Younkins: 0739103814: 9780739103814

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Title: Capitalism And Commerce / Edition 384
Author: Edward Wayne Younkins
ISBN-10: 0739103814
ISBN-13: 9780739103814

In Capitalism and Commerce, Edward Younkins provides a clear and accessible introduction to the best moral and economic arguments for capitalism. Drawn from over a decade of business school teaching, Younkins’s work offers the student of political economy and the educated layperson a clear, systematic treatment of the philosophical concepts that underpin the idea of capitalism and the business, legal, and political institutions that impact commercial enterprises. Divided into seven parts, the work discusses capitalism and morality; individuals, communities, and the role of the state; private and corporate ownership; entrepreneurship and technological progress; law, justice, and corporate governance; and the obstacles to a free market and limited government.