Can ”It” Happen Again?: Hyman P. Minsky: 087332305X: 9780873323055

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Title: Can ”It” Happen Again?
Author: Hyman P. Minsky
ISBN-10: 087332305X
ISBN-13: 9780873323055

The profits made through stocks and options trading have intrigued individual investors for years, yet those who enter this arena unprepared have consistently lost money. If you don’t have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of the options market, lack a strategic plan, or fail to manage risk effectively, you won’t be trading options for long. Drawing on his years of experience as both a successful options trader and an acclaimed options trading instructor, author and financial expert George Fontanills has crafted a comprehensive course to help you avoid these common, costly, and unnecessary mistakes. In this fully updated Second Edition of The Options Course, Fontanills returns to improve and expand on all the invaluable information and advice he offered in the bestselling original edition of The Options Course. Designed for investors at all levels of experience, The Options Course, Second Edition opens the door to the numerous opportunities offered by this exciting form of trading. Using a systematic, step-by-step approach, this guide will equip you with all the tools—from basic concepts to sophisticated techniques—necessary for successfully integrating options into your trading approach. With clarity, conciseness, and depth of coverage available nowhere else, The Options Course, Second Edition: Provides a solid foundation in the concepts, methods, and strategies of stocks and options trading Explains how to apply Delta Neutral Trading–a powerful technique for finding optimal trades that produces high returns–to your trading arsenal Shows you how to increase profits by making adjustments to trades based on market movement Discusses the art of risk management and reveals how to protect yourself without giving up profits Examines some of the macroeconomic events that can cause fluctuations in the stock market Describes how to spot explosive stock and options trading opportunities through a variety of readily available sources Options are the most flexible financial instruments that exist today, and if used properly, they can provide you with unique investment opportunities on a regular basis. However, the entire options arena can be a very complex and confusing place to venture. By utilizing the many tools and strategies illustrated throughout this book—and paying close attention to the numerous cases presented—you can build up your knowledge base of the markets to a professional level and become a successful stocks and options trader.