Basics of Mortgage-Backed Securities / Edition 2: Joseph Hu: 1883249872: 9781883249878

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Title: Basics of Mortgage-Backed Securities / Edition 2
Author: Joseph Hu
ISBN-10: 1883249872
ISBN-13: 9781883249878

This book engages the question, hotly debated among theorists and policymakers alike, of how a developing country’s pursuit of foreign direct investment (FDI) affects its development prospects in a globalized world. Can small latecomers to economic development use high-tech FDI to rapidly expand indigenous capabilities, thus shortcutting stages of the industrialization process? What conditions, economic and non-economic, must be met for this strategy to succeed? Using the cases of Ireland and Costa Rica, the author shows how the dynamics of the FDI-development nexus have changed over time, rendering problematic Costa Rica’s attempt, and those of other latecomers, to replicate the Celtic Tiger’s success story.