Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results / Edition 2: Paul R. Niven: 0471780499: 9780471780496

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Title: Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results / Edition 2
Author: Paul R. Niven
ISBN-10: 0471780499
ISBN-13: 9780471780496

Organizations worldwide have employed the Balanced Scorecard andyielded swift benefits—including increased financial returns,greater employee alignment with overall goals, improvedcollaboration, and an unrelenting focus on strategy, to name just afew—from this revolutionary methodology. Balanced ScorecardStep-by-Step, Second Edition enables your organization to reapthese rewards with a strategy-focused plan including steps on:determining your guiding rationale for using the scorecard; testingyour mission; building a strategy map; developing measures andtargets; placing the scorecard at the center of your managementsystem; and sustaining your success. Updated and enhanced with the latest Balanced Scorecard topics,this influential book empowers your organization to turn strategyinto performance at every organizational level and translate yourintangible resources, such as innovation, customer relationships,and intellectual capital, into real value. The Second Edition ofBalanced Scorecard Step-by-Step includes updated case studies aswell as new and expanded coverage on: Strategy maps, the powerful communication tools that convey tothe entire workforce (and beyond) what is most critical inexecuting the organization’s strategy The linkage between the Balanced Scorecard and corporategovernance The critical importance of “strategy-centered” managementmeetings The emerging trend of the Office of Strategy Management The latest trends in Balanced Scorecard implementationmethodology Post-implementation guidance Sharing his extensive experience in developing BalancedScorecards for Fortune 500, public sector, and not-for-profitorganizations, Paul Niven takes you through the complete BalancedScorecard journey—from creating powerful new performancemeasures that drive the execution of your strategy, to the toolsnecessary to make the Scorecard the cornerstone of your managementprocesses. Whether you are a CEO, CFO, CIO, a vice president, adivision or department manager, or a business consultant, BalancedScorecard Step-by-Step, Second Edition allows you to efficientlyexecute your organization’s strategy and successfully compete intoday’s business environment.