Applied Mergers and Acquisitions / Edition 1: Robert F. Bruner, Joseph R. Perella (Foreword by): 0471395056: 9780471395058

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Title: Applied Mergers and Acquisitions / Edition 1
Author: Robert F. Bruner, Joseph R. Perella (Foreword by)
ISBN-10: 0471395056
ISBN-13: 9780471395058

You don’t need to manage millions or billions of dollars to useeconomic indicators to plan an investment strategy and build yourportfolio. Furthermore, you don’t need a degree in economics ormathematics to interpret this information. Today, you can get muchof the same information that Wall Street professionals use in theiranalyses from various online or print sources as well as numerousbusiness programs. Nobody understands this better than author Richard Yamarone, aBloomberg Senior Economist with over twenty-five years ofexperience working on Wall Street. And now, in the ThirdEdition of The Trader’s Guide to Key EconomicIndicators, he shares his extensive insights on this topic withyou. Filled with new examples and commentary on the recent financialcrisis, this reliable guide focuses on a dozen essential economicindicators—and several others from the fixed income andcommodity markets—that are among the most important of anyanalyst’s or economist’s tools. Each chapter corresponds to anindicator, beginning with the most comprehensive—GDP andindices of leading, lagging, and coincident indicators—andcontinuing with those tied to particular aspects or segments of theoverall economy, such as consumer prices, manufacturing, housing,and retail sales. To help you gain a firm understanding of the indicatorsaddressed, every chapter follows the same basic setup: anintroduction sketching out the major attributes of the indicatorand its effect on the markets; a discussion of its origins anddevelopment; a description of how the relevant data are obtained,analyzed, and presented; and an explanation of how to incorporatethese data into your investment endeavors. The last section ofevery chapter also contains at least one “Trick from the Trenches”that will allow you to develop a clearer picture of businessactivity. Engaging and informative, the Third Edition of TheTrader’s Guide to Key Economic Indicators will help you gain apractical command of economic indicators and their meaning forinvestment. Written for both professional and individual investors,it will put you in a better position to form your own opinionsabout the possible direction of the economy and markets as well ashow to make the most informed investment decisions based on thoseopinions.