Aging and The Life Course: An Introduction to Social Gerontology: Jill Quadagno: 9780073528229

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Publication Date: January 13, 2010 ISBN-10: 0073528226 ISBN-13 :978-0073528229 | Version: 5
Aging and the life course is a comprehensive interdisciplinary text in social gerontology. It provides students with a solid grounding in the methods and theoretical issues associated with aging process and to explore the role of social relations, and physiological and psychological changes that have occurred as people grow older. It also believes that all major life change, including retirement, death of a spouse, grandparents, and changes in living arrangements. In addition, this paper, under the impact of the background, people grow older, economic and political issues. Although the main concern of the United States on global aging, a lot of material. Unique features include four functional block, the life course perspective, emphasized the racial, ethnic, and gender inequ