Abnormal Psychology (7th Edition): Thomas F. Oltmanns, Robert E. Emery: 9780205037438

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Publication Date: July 31, 2011 ISBN-10: 0,205,037,437 ISBN-13 :978-0205037438 Edition: 7
This is not them, it is all of us.

Focus on critical thinking, Oltmanns and Emery are ready to address the key issues and concepts, and will continue for DSM-V and future students, even as diagnostic criteria change.

Abnormal Psychology, 7th edition Oltmanns and Emery life science and personal aspects of abnormal psychology, focusing on evidence-based practice and emerging research. The authors stress that abnormal psychology is not “them,” This is all of us. Use a wide range of case studies, they are currently the most cutting-edge information covering methods and treatment of cases, abnormal psychology. Around the way students learn, this groundbreaking text integrates the biological, psychological and social point of view, in a concurrent story.

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Improve critical thinking – to encourage critical thinking of students to focus on the “query skeptical.
Attract students – “Speaking” film series, and each chapter woven case studies, students in the science and practice of abnormal psychology.
Explore the research – reported in detail in each chapter and treatment, the treatment also included in a separate chapter.
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