A Treatise on the Family / Edition 2: Gary S. Becker, Gary S. Becker: 0674906993: 9780674906990

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Title: A Treatise on the Family / Edition 2
Author: Gary S. Becker, Gary S. Becker
ISBN-10: 0674906993
ISBN-13: 9780674906990

This reorganized and expanded third edition of 43 Ways to Finance Your Feature Film answers the question that every filmmaker and producer ultimately faces, the issue that can make or break any venture into the film industry: How do I finance my film? This guide covers the options for film financing in rich detail so that even first-time producers and filmmakers will be able to make informed decisions about the best approaches to financing their films. An extensive bibliography refers readers to additional information about each form of film finance. In addition, author John W. Cones counters much of the bad advice of pseudoprofessional film finance consultants and points out scams that may separate unwary film producers from their money. Although 43 Ways focuses on financing feature films, much of its information is relevant to the financing of other kinds of projects, such as short films, documentaries, videos, and multimedia and theatrical endeavors. Anyone considering making or investing in a feature film will be well served by this practical and helpful guide. About the Author: John W. Cones, a securities and entertainment attorney based in California A comprehensive overview of film finance with a discussion of advantages and disadvantages of forty-three different ways to finance feature films and other entertainment projects. The material covers studio/industry, lender and investor financing, as well as a number of foreign finance options