A Practical Guide to Private Equity Transactions: Geoff Yates, Mike Hinchliffe: 0521193117: 9780521193115

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Title: A Practical Guide to Private Equity Transactions
Author: Geoff Yates, Mike Hinchliffe
ISBN-10: 0521193117
ISBN-13: 9780521193115

This overview of a complex and often misunderstood subject takes the reader through the issues that are faced throughout the life cycle of a private equity investment, from the identification of an opportunity, through the various stages of the transaction and the lifetime of the investment, to the eventual exit by the investor. The analysis of key documentation and legal issues covers company law, employment law, pensions, taxation, debt funding and competition law, taking into account recent legal developments such as the Companies Act 2006, the recent emergence of private equity in the UK and the challenges faced by the industry as a result of the financial crisis.